Sunday, 6 March 2016

Why Antichrists Hold Children and Animals Sacred

There are two forces governing life and existence:
1. God/Good is not heavy, it is light and seeks perfection towards the sky. That is why 'snow' the whitest of all comes from the above.

2. Devil/Evil is heavy, it is darkness, it sinks downwards to the earth and even farther from the earth. That is why dungeon is underground.

We human beings were born into this world to mature beginning from childhood. As we mature, we become  light, responsible and self-conscious.
The more we become all those, the more we become godlike or god-conscious.

The spirit is the essence of man's existence and it is interrelated with the gift of free will given to man by God -- when I say God, you can take it for 'nature' if you do not like God. 
It is the spirit that makes man mature, responsible, self-conscious and closer to God. That can only be achieved when we live our life one step at a time in accordance with the prompting of the spirit, thereby passing through different things and stages that God planned for our personal life here on earth. 
We do not need to rush neither do we need to delay; we do not need to add neither do we need to subtract. Any obstruction is bound to be detrimental.

Then, why do antichrists hold animal and children sacred?

As you must have known, antichrists are against God and anything that God stands for.

May I state here that children do not have functional spirit. 

Their spirit is activated at a certain stage of their maturity. Not until then, they are very close to typical animals which do not have spirit at all. Both have vague knowledge (consciousness) of their existence, but not self-consciousness or self-control. 
The world is like a mirage to them. They sense their existence, but cannot make any meaning out of it.

Self-consciousness makes us appear and behave responsibly and maturely. It is the sense of whom we are. It is being in control of yourself and actions rather than losing yourself to situations and emotions. It is being on the alert.

In a bid to enjoy life, antichrists want us to discard self-consciousness. They want us to remain irresponsible and immature. They want us to live care-free life just like animals and children.

A child has no worries and happily does whatever it feels like doing no matter the consequences, likewise an animal. Little wonder both of them are expressed with the pronoun  'IT'.

Antichrists want all of us to be reduced to 'IT' so that we could enjoy life without thinking twice.

In their strong resolve to take humanity by force, the antichrists bait with the three carnal propensities in order to reduce man to animal standard. 

The propensities are: sex, food and fight.

One thing common with those propensities is that none of them helps man's spiritual development or maturity; and it is the spirit that is the essence of our existence. They are therefore called animal tendencies -- what every animal is likely to do since they do not have spirit.

It is the spirit that separates man from animals and determines the level of animal-ness or self-consciousness in a human being.

Have you ever seen where two dogs want to have sex? Do they care where they are, or who is looking?

Have you ever thrown feed to a number of chicken? Do they care how they respond, or who is looking?

Have you ever seen two rams locking horns? Do they care where they are, or who is looking?

Do you know that your child can pee/defecate right into your mouth, eyes and nose without batting an eyelid?

All those is what the antichrists want us to reduce to for us not to have any worry or resentment in life, and be called clean.

The same reason explains why you see some full grown adults (men and women) engage in some things and behaviours that are not typical of their age or physical appearance.

The type of life and philosophy explained above could be deduced from the type of movement known as romanticism

It believes that human beings and existence are organisms that evolved into a rich set of beliefs and customs over time. 
It does not seek spiritual perfection and order, but rather believes in the intensity of life experiences that cannot be fathomed by the human mind -- that sounds like an unrealistic expectation?

I am not an animal or a micro organism and will never incline my development towards just that direction.

I am a living spirit and I long to grow and mature far past the level of animal and children comparison.

What about you?

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