Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Londoners urged to back Church homeless campaign as freezing temperatures could be fatal

Diocese of LondonThe acting Bishop of London Pete Broadbent at one of the homeless shelter the Diocese is backing this winter.

The acting Bishop of London is urging worshippers to back a Church homelessness appeal this Christmas as the number of people sleeping rough in the capital has doubled since 2010.

The Diocese of London is hoping to raise more than half a million pounds as it supports 15 winter night shelter projects across the city. With potentially fatal temperatures reaching below zero this week, more than a fifth of parishes across London will work with the homeless, providing night shelters, soup kitchens and job support.

Each project costs around £40,000 to run a shelter for six months through the winter, with Bishop Pete Broadbent pleading for funds.

'They all do an amazing job in being alongside those who need them most. I commend their work and the appeal we are launching,' he said of the 15 charities working with the diocese.

The Bishop of Stepney, Adrian Newman, who is leading the appeal added: 'This year we hope to raise the profile of a Christian response to homelessness, and encourage churches to reflect on the human cost of being without a home.

'For many in our great city this is an immediate reality and the love of Christ calls us to respond to it.

'As we seek to tackle homelessness together, my prayer is that our parishes, congregations and partner schools will be able to respond to this immense challenge by prayer, generous giving and, for those already supporting winter night shelters, by continued hands-on engagement for those in need.'

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